Agency rates VS Hospital rates

I am asked this a lot and I get it. The answer is simple, I want you to be able to work all shifts and access free courses through the hospital. Most public hospitals across Australia struggle for nursing staff. They use agency to cover the gaps but may not be able to afford the agency hourly rate which leaves you working Monday to Friday morning shift only. 

We have many states that pay government casual pay rates which is the same as agency pay rates. You can also access free training and online courses as well as work all the shifts without being cancelled due to affordability. 

You can also choose to go onto full time pay rates and this gives you annual leave and sick leave. 

Some states you are also able to access salary sacrifice on casual and full-time rates. This can be anywhere between $6,000.00 -$10,000.00 per calendar year. You are also able to transfer your current salary sacrifice in most states. 

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