Where do I live on contract ?

Each service and state has different types of accommodation at different costs to you, most states are now having to charge for subsidised accommodation, This can be anywhere from free to about $40.00 per week upwards to $140.00 per week or they may offer you first few weeks then you must find your own.

Accommodation can be shared nursing quarters to share houses, single and family units and houses.

This will be discussed with you during your interview with me to which client offers the different styles of accommodation. I will run through the cost and type of accommodation before I put you details through to the client.I understand that you maybe traveling to save money to pay your mortgage or save for a trip and don’t have that extra money to pay on your accommodation. Many of the services provide salary sacrifice, which can be used to pay for your accommodation, and meals, which may not leave you out of pocket.

Your accommodation should come fully furnished but it is always nice to take your own sheets and towels to make it feel a bit more like your home.

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